What We Do

We want the Avonhead Cemetery to be part of the cultural activities that bring us together as a community. Read on if you are interested in what we have done in the past, our current projects and plans for the future.

Past projects

  • Organising a minute’s silence and a “lay a flower” ceremony on 22 February 2017 in collaboration with the Sonoda Women’s University from Hyogo, Japan (with flowers donated by Andrea’s Florists)
  • Persuading the Council to replace the 30-year-old signage to Avonhead Cemetery with newer ones.

Current projects

  • Pushing for Avonhead Cemetery to be renamed “Avonhead Memorial Cemetery” to capture the significance of the Cemetery as the location of the Earthquake Memorial
  • Upgrading the tired-looking frontage of Avonhead Cemetery by arranging Council funding and organising a “design-a-frontage” competition for Ara students studying Design

Future projects

  • Creating an electronic database which archives the history of the Cemetery and celebrates the lives of those laid to rest in it, with their families’ consent
  • Organising school trips to the Cemetery to enable our schoolchildren to participate in the maintenance of the beautiful foliage at the Cemetery and encouraging their interest in local history


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